3 2018

Guf Va’Nefesh – Body-Mind-Spirit Integration Classes

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Or Haneshamah 30 Cleary Avenue
Room Five, Ground Floor
Ottawa , ON K2A 4A1
613 239-4988 info@orh.ca

Contact Tana Saler
613 862-6592

Guf Va’Nefesh means Body and Mind (Soul). Simply expressed, your mind (thoughts and emotions) affects your body (i.e. posture, breathing, muscle tension) and your body state affects your state of mind.
Participants in these Body-Mind-Spirit Integration classes will engage in gentle movement, verbal and non-verbal interaction, conscious breathing styles and visualization. Each class will have a life theme – including health, effective communication, relationships and conflict resolution.
Class leader Tana Saler, a member of Or Haneshamah, will bring Jewish concepts such as Chesed (Mercy) and Gevura (Justice) to an embodied experience, and their applications to real life.

Sponsor: Or Haneshamah – Ottawa’s Reconstructionist Community