6 2024

Financial security and abuse prevention for your child with disabilities

5:30PM - 7:00PM  

Soloway JCC Board Room 21 Nadolny Sachs Private
Ontario, ON K2A 1R9

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Join representatives from OPEN Collaboration for Cognitive Accessibility to focus on the urgent need to address the risk of financial abuse faced by persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities within the context of the Canada Disability Benefit Act (CDB). While the CDB aims to alleviate poverty and enhance financial security for Canadians with disabilities, the risk of financial abuse demands attention to ensure the successful implementation of this act.

Persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities encounter various challenges that increase the risk of experiencing financial abuse:

Barriers in accessing banking services undermine individuals’ control over their finances.
Direct funding programs, while providing independence, raise concerns about the increased risk of financial exploitation, especially in less structured support systems.
Support persons, including family members and paid caregivers, lack adequate training and guidance in assessing numeracy skills, supporting those with severe needs, and navigating direct funding programs.
Current definitions of financial abuse fail to capture abuse arising from overprotective caregiving practices, making it challenging to identify and address financial abuse effectively.
Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities express a desire for more autonomy and protection against financial abuse.

Sponsor: Jewish Federation of Ottawa, Tamir, JOIN