20 2017

Erev Rosh Hashana Selichos, Shacharis and Hataros Nedorim

6:35AM - 8:20AM  

Congregation Lubavitch 889 Lady Ellen Place
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5L3

Contact Rabbi Y. Botnick
613-688-2025 x345

This day's Selichos which is slightly lengthier than the preceding days', is customarily said in the very early hours of the morning. In most synagogues, the Selichos are immediately followed by the morning prayers.
After the morning prayers, it is customary to perform a ceremony known as Hatoras Nedorim ("the annulment of vows") to repeal certain vows which one has taken upon oneself so that one can begin the Day of Judgment free from the sin of unfulfilled vows.