9 2020

CSN Presents: Distanced Together Patio Kick Off Party

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

Chaim Boyarsky 254 Friel
Ottawa, ON K1N 7T7

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Its been a while, since we are united as one
Hanging out together is lots of fun.
As students, we are strong when we are together
We build community, where storms we can weather.
Covid kept us all at home,
Most of our communication was online or by phone.
Its time again for us to live as community,
Nothing is as strong as Jewish unity.
For those of you who can only be with us in spirit
Zoom, showed us, that connection has no limit.
Lets all reach out to one another
Because they are truly our sister and brother
We look forward to the special day
When this whole epidemic will be far away.

Wonderful packaged dinners and drinks for students 19 plus. 
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Sponsor: Rohr Chabad Student network of Ottawa