5 2019

Crime & Consequence - Jewish Wisdom on Criminal Justice

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Ottawa Torah Centre Chabad 111 Lamplighters Drive
Ottawa, ON K2J 0C2
613.843.7770 info@theotc.org

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$ Cost $ 90.00

Crime and Consequence is a new six-week course that explores 3000 years of Jewish wisdom concerning criminal convictions, sentencing, crime prevention, and rehabilitation. Taught by Rabbi Blum, this course will challenge our thinking, pondering the application of Talmudic principles to real and complex modern-day cases. Learn to discover and recover the humanity within criminals, question practices that seem unethical and unfair, and explore ways to prevent crime from ever taking place.

Crime and Consequence is for people who care deeply about humanity, are enraged at injustice, are fascinated by difficult-to-solve real-life scenarios, and are committed to seeing a system that is just and fair to all.