4 2016

Crabapple Jelly Fundraiser

1:00PM - 6:00PM  

Rabbi Anna Maranta 64 Powell Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1S 2A1

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Under the guidance of Rabbi Anna, we will be making Crabapple Jelly this year.

We have access to two loaded trees, and will make both Jelly and Applesauce.

Both are delightful to serve as part of your Rosh Hashanah meal, on fall cheese plates, or with Challah at your Shabbat Dinner.

The jelly will be available in 125 ml jars.
The applesauce will be available in 250 ml jars.

125 g jars $4.00
250 g jars $6.00

Special Orders are also available, including jelly made with hot peppers, and both jelly and applesauce made with cinnamon or sweetened with local wild honey.

If you wish a bulk order to offer as Rosh Hashanah Seder favours, please allow 1 week for preparation.

All items must be picked up at 64 Powell Avenue.

Cash, e-transfer or PayPal :