1 2022


30 2022

Clean Speech Ottawa, volume 2

10:00AM - 9:00PM  

Online: Facebook, Instagram, Emails, YouTube, Etc.

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Join us for one month of engaging online content, short, interesting videos and thought provoking questions promoting greater mindfulness with Clean Speech Ottawa Volume 2! CSO Volume 2 is coming to Ottawa in November with 30 days of all new videos focusing on Onas Devarim - The Price of Words. Whereas Volume 1 focused on how we speak about others, Volume 2 focuses on how we speak to others. Sign up to participate in Clean Speech Ottawa!

What you can expect when signing up:
1) 30 days of daily emails with the daily videos and scripts during the month of November 2022 (and maybe a sprinkle of reminders throughout the year otherwise)
2) A community of like-minded individuals
3) Fun events, classes and giveaways throughout the month

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