22 2024

Choose Your Own Seder

6:00PM - 9:00PM  

Or Haneshamah 30 Cleary Ave.
Ottawa, ON K2A 4A1

Contact Jenny Burns

$ Cost $ 10.00

Join Or Haneshamah and pick the Seder that's right for you!

Family Seder Program:
In a timely, family-friendly fashion, we'll journey through the Haggadah. Morah Jenny will touch on all the Seder highlights, complete with a Maggid skit and many songs, allowing your clan to observe the Pesach Seder while getting home in a reasonable bedtime window.
Activity sheets and fidgets will be available for all.

The Deep Dive Seder:
Led by our Ritual Coordinator, Shira Weidenbaum, this Seder is for the curious, the questioners and those hoping to immerse themselves in deep conversation and debate. This Seder will flow at its own pace, exploring the rich offerings of the Haggadah every step of the way.