13 2018


25 2018

Call for NOMINATIONS to join the Torah Day School Board of Directors

10:20AM - 9:00PM  

Contact Tamara Scarowsky

Torah Day is launching a call for nominations for the Board of Directors!

We are looking for interested candidates from within the school and the broader community who can help build and sustain a strong school by joining the Board as a Director. Candidates must have the skills and/or experience relevant to governance and be committed to the vision, the long-term success of the school, and tackling the issues facing the school.

There are a number anticipated vacancies to be filled. We are looking to ensure we continue to have a strong Board that can help the school realize its potential not just as an academic institution of excellence, but as a critical pillar of Jewish community building and engagement in Ottawa.

Over the past year, the leadership has worked to establish long-term goals for the school centered around academic excellence, Torah values, and school community; as well as operational goals for staff, finances and the school building. Together, these goals define a vision for the future of the school, where Torah Day consistently provides its students with a high-quality general studies and Judaic education, a deep and lasting grounding in Torah values, and the support of a close-knit and dedicated community of families who are engaged in the school and its activities.

Directors have a critical role to play in achieving these goals and making the vision a reality. The Board is responsible for providing the overall governance to the school, acting in the school's best long-term interests. This group also acts as the trustee of the school’s assets, ensuring the school is well managed and remains fiscally sound. The Board is accountable to the parent body, employees, donors, funding bodies, appropriate religious authorities, and the Jewish community of Ottawa.

Directors typically commit 10-12 hours per month to the responsibilities outlined above.The term for new Directors would commence in the Fall and would run for 2 years.

If you are interested in putting your name forward, please send an email to nominations@torahday.ca by July 25, briefly explaining your interest and qualifications. The nominations committee will follow-up shortly afterwards with all interested candidates. The nominations committee will gather information from interested individuals and will present a recommendation to the current Board of Directors for consideration. The existing Board will make the ultimate decision about the slate to be presented for voting by the general members at the next AGM, which will take place in the Fall.