4 2016

Breakfast and Learn with Dr. Dian Afoumado

9:00AM - 11:00PM  

Carleton University, 303 Paterson

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Carleton University 400 Paterson Hall, 4th floor launch.
The public is welcome

The MS St. Louis and its Voyage.

Dr. Afoumado, a specialist on the MS St Louis will talk about the 907 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany who were denied entry to Cuba, the USA and Canada in 1939. The ship was forced to return its passengers to four European countries. 254 of its passengers later perished in the Holocaust.

HEM program in cooperation with The United State Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies, the Department of History at Carleton University, the Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship (CHES), French embassy.