21 2020

Book Festival in Your Living Room presents a evening with Rachel Bloom

8:00PM - 9:00PM  

Contact Carlie MacPherson
613-798-9818 ext 245

$ Cost $ 36.00

Greenberg Families Library's "Book Festival in Your Living Room" presents an evening with Rachel Bloom

Join actress and author Rachel Bloom via Zoom as she discusses her book 'I Want to be Where the Normal People are.'

Rachel Bloom has felt abnormal and out of place her whole life. In this exploration of what she thinks makes her “different,” she’s come to realize that a lot of people also feel this way; even people who she otherwise thought were “normal.” In a collection of laugh-out-loud funny essays, all told in the unique voice (sometimes singing voice) that made her a star; Rachel writes about everything from her love of Disney, OCD and depression, weirdness, and Spanx.

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Sponsor: The Greenberg Families Library in concert with the National JCC Literary Consortium