19 2020

Barry Levinson Film Series: Liberty Heights

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Or Haneshamah Online
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Jewish Identity Survives Pressures to Assimilate: The Barry Levinson Film Series

Prolific Jewish-American director Barry Levinson focuses five successful feature films on several generations of his family since their immigration to the US in 1914. The second film, Liberty Heights (1999), provides the best contemplation of the paradoxical survival of Jewish identity in the family after they moved from a Jewish neighbourhood in Central Baltimore in the 1950s.

Watch Liberty Heights (available on iTunes and YouTube) and then join Barry Schneider, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ottawa, for an insightful discussion of the film and its themes, among them racial prejudice. Barry will also speak briefly about the first film in the series, Avalon, (also available, but not necessary to watch ahead of time.)

This Or Haneshamah Zoom event is free and open to everyone. More information at www.orh.ca

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