30 2020

Art and Theatre, in Conversation

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Temple Israel 1301 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, ON
613-239-4988 info@orh.ca

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Art and Theatre, in Conversation: Featuring Michelle Gewurtz and Sarah Waisvisz

An exclusive conversation between Ottawa Art Gallery senior curator Michelle Gewurtz and playwright Sarah Waisvisz as they discuss the love, activism, and artistic practices of Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe, French-Jewish artists whose artistic innovations, anti-Nazi resistance during WW2, and queerness are often ignored. Better known by their noms de plume as Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, the two continue to inspire as models of commitment, passion, and justice. Gewurtz and Waisvisz will discuss how they themselves have been inspired by Cahun and Moore to pursue innovative work of their own—including Gewurtz’s new exhibit and Waisvisz’s new play, both about them, both on now at Ottawa’s Arts Court.

Hosted by Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg of Temple Israel
Moderated by Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton of Or Haneshamah

Sponsor: Or Haneshamah and Temple Israel