4 2017

Am Echad Walkathon for Jewish Education

3:00PM - 6:00PM  

31 Nadolny Sachs Private
Ottawa, ON K1H5T5
613-722-0020 g.miller@theojcs.ca

Contact Jennifer Greenberg

$ Cost $ 20.00

For many decades, the Walkathon has been an annual highlight in Ottawa’s Jewish community life. Several generations have participated in an event that has brought people together to raise funds for charitable causes, to have a day of fun in the sunshine (and occasionally the rain), and also to be part of a unifying community experience. For those of us who grew up in Ottawa, the Walkathon inspires strong childhood memories of friendly crowds, great enjoyment, and maybe our first exposure to community activism and tzedakah. Elements of the event have changed and evolved over the years: Its beneficiary agencies, its logos, its route. But the fundamentals have always remained: Community, unity, and support for important causes. This year’s event will have a number of notable innovations: A shorter route will stay closer to the Jewish Community campus, there will be special emphasis on children and fitness, and the beneficiaries will be the Jewish schools of Ottawa (and, by extension, the future of our community). But the decades-old fundamentals are still there...

Registration is $20/person or $54/family

Registration includes t-shirt, tons of entertainment, and a delicious kosher meal.