1 2024

All Minds Matter

12:00AM - 11:00PM  

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All Minds Matter and YOU can make a difference!

As few as 20% of kids and their families who need mental health supports actually seek help, largely due to cost. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers and neighbours, you can work with us to ensure that these kids receive the support they need to thrive. All Minds Matter.

Our Children, Youth and Families counselling team offers innovative wraparound family counselling—a holistic approach that cares for the entire family and helps them heal together. And we do all of this on a sliding fee scale. In fact, 70% of these family sessions are subsidized. By making a donation to our All Minds Matter campaign, you help make this happen.

Children like Amina benefit when you donate to JFS Ottawa. Now, more than ever, community-based mental health care is the best chance for those to get support and that’s where we make the most difference.

Our community’s mental health depends on all of us.

THANK YOU for donating anytime during the month of May.