13 2016

“Sempo Sugihara” A One Man Show About Chiune Sugihara

4:00PM - 6:00PM  

Kailash Mital Theatre, Southam Hall, Carleton University
Ottawa, ON

Contact mina cohn

The evening will include a performance by the Japanese actor, Mr. Shingo Misawa, about Chiune Sugihara with a presentation by a child of survivors who were saved by Sugihara. Sugihara was the Japanese diplomat who served as Vice-Consul for the Empire of Japan in Lithuania during WWII. Sugihara risked his career by giving as many Japanese passports as he could [before he was stopped by his government] to Jews fleeing the Nazis. Sugihara and his wife Yukiko were honored as Righteous Gentiles by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Sponsor: Japanese embassy, the Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship, Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies Carleton University.