18 2024


19 2024

3 Days in October – movie & In Their Own Words

7:00PM - 2:00PM  

Kehillat Beth Israel 1400 Coldrey Avenue, Ottawa
Ottawa, ON

Contact Viktoriia Liashchuk

$ Cost $ 30.00

June 18th - Movie Three Days In October provides a panoramic wide view of the unfolding events in southern Israel during the October 7 attack. Minute-by-minute exclusive documentation and intimate insights of Golani warriors who held the front line at the time of breach. Public figures, former IDF generals, a mother of a kidnaped by Hamas, a lone combat soldier, and other subjects produce a wide in-depth perspective on the course of Three days in October, that changed Israelis like never before, and hopefully never again.

June 19th - A unique, moving, and thought-provoking event with two survivors of the tragic events in Israel on October 7.
The speakers will tell their personal stories of survival and heroism, from their personal, community, and national points of view. A first-hand testimony of a survivor from the Nova Festival and a survivor from a kibbutz in the Gaza Envelope-Otef Aza.