Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa 7861 Chemin River, Quyon QC

Working under the supervision of the Director, Associate Director, and Assistant Directors, the Medical Administrator is an integral part of the Leadership Team and shares responsibility for planning, implementing, and overseeing an inclusive and camper-focused camp program and culture. The Medical Admin monitors the daily tasks associated with the Health Centre, organizes logs and critical paperwork, and administers medications to Campers and staff under the supervision of medical professionals. This role is a seasonal summer full-time position. The summer season runs from July 2nd to August 18th (attendance during staff pre-camp is mandatory - date TBD).


- Coordinating medical care provided by health professionals at the Health Centre, monitoring health issues both in and outside of the Health Centre, and ensuring all medical needs on site are met.
- Health Centre documentation management.
- Review Camper/Staff applications particularly the confidential health history information for completeness of immunizations, medication requirements, alerts to allergies, seizure disorders, special medical needs, dietary restrictions, and/or any existing communicable disease, emergency contacts, and physician information (physician's name, address and telephone number).
- Coordinates health checks for every camper and staff on the first day of each session and manages follow-ups with parents and other medical professionals as required.
Assists with treatment, laundry and follow up acting as a liaison with Lice Services in coordination and with the assistance of the Assistant Directors and Camper Care team to ensure proper protocols regarding lice removal are achieved.
- Review and maintain Camper's and Staff's confidential medical histories; follow up and update with additional information, as updates occur, to ensure the health and safety of Campers and staff.
- Monitors and maintains all logs and proper documentation of the Health Centre's daily activity.
- Order necessary Health Centre supplies in pre-camp and maintain supplies throughout the Camp sessions to avoid shortages.
- Effectively organize and manage space, equipment, and supplies in the Health Centre.
- Inspect and maintain First Aid Kits and epi-pen locations and contents.
- Regularly clean and sanitize the Health Centre throughout the Camp season.
- Complete an end-of-season inventory of all Health Centre supplies and medication.
- Coordinate the set-up of a medication delivery plan for campers at the beginning of each session.
- Ensures that all medications are administered according to doctors’ orders or “as needed” and that medication administration is documented.
- Coordinates medication return to campers at the end of their respective sessions.
- Manages Camp compliance with all regulations regarding the administration, labeling, and storage of the medication.

- Manages the flow of campers and staff who attend daily medical clinics.
Coordinates care for “walk-in” campers and staff with medical needs.
Manage cases needing follow-up with appropriate providers in a timely medically responsible manner.
- Monitors all campers and staff in the infirmary, overnight as needed (medical staff housing is in the Health Centre) and coordinates with requisite Supervisor related to campers and staff overnight stays
- Provides health and wellness education on hydration, sleep, stress, cabin cleanliness, sun care, and other best practices.
- Transport campers and staff to hospital as required and co-ordinates care services, such as X-rays and other procedures, that are not provided at Camp Health Centre Communications.
- Acts as a liaison with parents and/or family doctors regarding camper medications, illnesses, and injuries.
- Provides daily updates to Camp Director, Associate Camp Director, and Assistant Camp Directors related to Health Centre admissions, parent phone calls, and any significant health events for campers and/or staff.
- Report incidents in a timely manner to Camp Director, Associate Camp Director, Assistant Directors, and parents, as appropriate
- Reports to the Camp Director but works in tandem and as part of the Health Centre team.

- This job may include work in other areas of the organization assigned by the Director, Associate Director, and/or Assistant Directors. While there will be an attempt to give advance notice, as is commonplace in a fast-paced, camp setting, there may be times where certain tasks will be last minute.

- A Graduate or higher level degree in a related field. Preferably a nursing student, but not required.
- 2-4 years experience in a camp, school, or similar setting preferred.
- An ability to think critically and act swiftly in high-stress situations.
- Extremely organized and excellent time management skills.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills and comfort in communication with children and young adults.
- The inclination to be a caring, empathetic, patient, hardworking, and diligent professional who takes initiative and is creative, enthusiastic, open-minded, and high-energy.
- Ability to identify and respond to hazards in camp; such as emergency plan implementation (fire evacuation, illness, injury).

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree + Advanced Degree Preferred and 0-2 years of experience.