Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa 7861 Chemin River, Quyon QC

Working under the supervision of the Director and Associate Director and working in conjunction with the other Assistant Directors, the Assistant Director of Camper Care will lead the Camper Care Program for Summer 2023, along with 1-2 Camper Care Supports/Specialists.

The Assistant Director of Camper Care serves as an advisor to the campers, parents, and staff to ensure the emotional, social, and physical health and safety of campers and staff. In this capacity, the Assistant Director acts as a central case worker, facilitating communication as needed between the supervisors, staff, campers, and parents. This role is a seasonal summer full-time position, with part-time hours before the summer session begins. The summer season runs from July 2nd to August 18th (attendance during staff pre-camp is mandatory - date TBD). The primary role with the campers/staff/supervisors should focus on supporting them and assisting them in the challenges they are facing. The relationship should be rooted in ideas of problem-solving and support. This individual should demonstrate skills in youth development, education, and social work.


Assistant Director of Camper Care

Before the Summer
- Participate in camper and family meetings to determine whether CBBO is a good fit for potential campers with varying needs (varies on the child and family).
- Actively participate in camper intake, reviewing registration forms, and building relationships with the community (and in future years, help design such forms and camper onboarding processes).
- Create plans to support camper needs before the summer with collaboration from necessary parties.
- Play a leadership role in the planning and implementation of staff training and ongoing staff learning related to mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

During the Summer
- Train, manage, and evaluate 1-2 support staff (Camper Care Specialists) that will be able to assist with the Camper Care Program. Camper Care Specialist responsibilities include cabin cleanliness and camper care, health and wellness, overseeing and ensuring all job responsibilities, as detailed in the Supervisor job descriptions of those in your charge of all the units and age groups from 7-15 years old (JRs, As, Bs, Seniors & PCs)
- Working with the Camper Care Specialists, communicate with camper parents - both new and returning campers (new camper calls and/or if a parent reaches out with an issue). Together, with your support team, you must check in with all first-time campers within the first 72 hours to ensure they are adjusting to camp life and to see if they need any support and report back to the parents.
- Working with the Camper Care Specialists and Unit Supervisors to help Staff/Supervisors deal with camper issues that may arise.
- Together with the Senior Leadership Team, help ensure that counselors are creating a safe, welcoming environment for the kids in their care.
- Be familiar with “biographical” info on campers (medical, social, emotional), and orient Camper Care Specialists/Supervisors to various needs/issues before campers arrive.
- Meet with Supervisors/Camper Care Specialists/Counselors as needed to problem-solve cases wherein campers need special support. Empower the staff to manage these needs, and intervene when necessary in cases that: Grow to be extreme; mental health issues, homesickness, bullying, etc.
- If there is disciplinary action that needs to be taken, the Assistant Director of Camper Care should work with the Directors, to help provide that. However, the Assistant Director should remain primarily in the role of advisor and support.
- Record notes in a timely manner in CampMinder.

Other Duties
- This job may include work in other areas of the organization assigned by the Director & Associate Director. While there will be an attempt to give advance notice, as is commonplace in a fast-paced, camp setting, there may be times when certain tasks will be last minute.

- A Graduate or higher level degree in a mental health field including, but not limited to: social work, mental health counseling, psychology, youth psychiatry, family therapy, etc. (not required, but perceived as an asset).
- 5-8 years experience in a camp, school, or similar setting preferred.
- Experience supporting children, teenagers and/or adults' mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health – in proactive and reactive ways.
- An ability to think critically and act swiftly in high-stress situations.
- Attention to detail in documentation and maintaining records.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills and comfort in communication with children and young adults.
- The inclination to be a caring, empathetic, patient, hardworking, and diligent professional who takes initiative and is creative, enthusiastic, open-minded, and high-energy.
- Strong ability to train, manage and evaluate staff.
- Ability to ensure that campers of varying needs can successfully participate in our camp programming.
- Ability to work with different age and skill levels of staff and campers.
- Ability to identify and respond to hazards in camp; such as emergency plan implementation (fire evacuation, illness, injury).
- Summer season runs from July 2nd to August 18th (attendance during staff pre-camp is mandatory - date TBD).

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree + Advanced Degree Preferred and 3-5 years of experience.