Steps to Success

Canvassing is about building relationships. The best relationships and connections are made in person. Here are some easy steps to bring meaning to your canvasses and help maximize results.

1. Show your appreciation 
A “thank you” is the best way to start a conversation.
Be sincere and clear – thank them for meeting with you, thank them for their time and thank them for their gift.
End with a “thank you” – every donor should feel our gratitude (regardless of the outcome)!
2. Find the donor’s passion
Canvassing is about making a connection so that you build a personal relationship with each donor. 
Know how to share your story and passion – look for the right moments and opportunities, and remember it is ultimately about helping the donor find THEIR passion. Try and get the donor to share their story.
3. Know before you go
Make your own gift first – lead by example.
Do your homework: review the donor’s pledge card so you know their history. 
For example, did they donate to the Emergency Campaign for Community Resilience or the Ukraine Relief Fund?
• Read everything provided on the Canvasser Portal and/or Canvasser Guide, and become familiar with the goals.
Ask an experienced canvasser, team captain or staff member for advice – they are here to help. 
Think through what an appropriate gift might be from the donor and listen carefully to how they are doing.
4. Learn to listen … listen to learn
The best canvassers do more listening and less talking.
Listening lets you find out what the donor is passionate about.
Use active listening — ask follow-up questions.
Once you have made an ask, say nothing. Wait for the speaker to reply (even if there is an awkward pause).

Remember, while it is hard to ask people for money, it is even harder to turn away those in need.