Sample Script

Hello, may I speak to ________ please?


My name is _________ and I’m calling on behalf of the Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign. 


May I have a few moments of your time to talk about this year’s Campaign?


Is there a better time that someone could call?  

Thank you very much. Your support makes a difference and is much appreciated. 


Before I begin: How are you today? Have you done anything special this past summer or year? (or ask any other open-ended question to invite some warm conversation.) 
Our 2024 Annual Campaign is focused on three main priorities: empowering our most vulnerable, countering antisemitism, and ensuring access to Jewish life and education. 
For almost 90 years, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa has been providing support in virtually every type of Jewish moment – in times of crisis and in times of calm – we are building community and changing lives.  That’s why we’re asking: Can we count on your gift to our 2024 Annual Campaign?


(If they can donate) Thank you so much. Last year you made a gift of $XX dollars—would you be able to increase your gift by 10% this year to $XX? [Please consult your donor card to determine what increase in gift you should ask from the donor] 

(If they cannot increase by XX%) Not a problem. Would you be able to renew your gift from last year at the same level?
Thank you! Your generosity will make a difference!


This pledge is due by December 31, 2024. However, we encourage you to consider monthly payments on your credit card. Payments can be made by credit card, cheque (payable to the Jewish Federation of Ottawa) or online at

How would you like to pay?

Can I take a moment to confirm your address?

Your e-mail address?

Your cell phone number?

On behalf of the community, thank you for your support of the Federation and our community.

Have a good day/afternoon/evening!

Prompt questions:

  • What motivates you to give?
  • What ways do you interact with our organization?
  • What programs have you attended or heard of that you find interesting?
  • Are you interested in learning about the Life and Legacy Program?  Y / N
  • Other feedback that I can pass on to a Federation staff member?