Use this checklist during a canvass to make sure you go through the most critical stages in the process.

Keep this handy during your conversations with donors.

—  Know your donor by reviewing their past giving and speaking to your Campaign team leader if you have any questions.

—  Try to schedule a face-to-face conversation (Zoom or FaceTime instead of a phone call) and, where possible, invite a Federation professional to join.

—  Talk about this year’s priorities. Use active listening and engage in a conversation with the donor based on their questions, thoughts, and feedback.


—  Ask if they are open to a discussion with a Foundation team member.

—  Make the ask! Aim for the highest amount you think this donor could give, if inspired.

—  Refer to your pledge card for a recommended amount to ask for.

—  Confirm the pledge.

—  Thank the donor for their generous gift.

—  Ask the donor for their preferred payment method.

—  Thank the donor again before concluding the canvass.


Options for payment of a pledge: 

We can call you
“I can have a member of Federation’s professional team call you to pay over the phone.”

You can call us
“A member of our professional team can process your payment by phone. You can call our finance department at 613-798-4696 x 242.”

Pay online
“Visit our website here:

Pay by mail
“Send a cheque to Jewish Federation of Ottawa at the following address: 
Jewish Federation of Ottawa 
21 Nadolny Sachs Private 
Ottawa, Ontario  K2A 1R9”

Payment timing
“Make your payment when it is convenient for you. You can make an immediate payment today, in the next month or so, or divide your gift into monthly payments. 

While your full payment is not formally due until December 31, 2024 – kindly pay your gift in full as soon as possible. This allows Federation to plan, allocate and distribute funds more quickly.”