Federation and the 2024 Campaign

*Federation and the 2024 Campaign
**Who is Federation and why give to Federation?
The Jewish Federation of Ottawa is the only charity exclusively committed to the mission of supporting Jewish people in need and strengthening Jewish life here in Ottawa and around the globe. 
**How does Federation make a difference? 
Through community-wide reach and strategy.
Annual Campaign allocations benefit more than 50 organizations in every area of community life: poverty relief, countering antisemitism, Jewish education, supporting Israel and Jews overseas, and more. We have an incomparable network to mobilize and address big challenges in a holistic way. Federation funds work across the full range of our community’s needs. Reach, resources and deep expertise enable Federation to mount a powerful response to any emerging crisis.
*What are Federation’s fundraising expenses?
“Federation’s cost of fundraising is less than 12% of funds raised. We are proud that this percentage is among the lowest for any major non-profit organization in North America. We are able to do this through prudent management and an effective partnership between an efficient professional staff and hundreds of volunteers.”