For almost 90 years, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa has been providing support in virtually every type of Jewish moment – in times of crisis and in times of calm – we are building community and changing lives.  



Federation has identified three main areas of priority:  


It's the uplifting moment when an isolated senior finds connection through a community event. It's the heartfelt moment when a family in crisis receives vital emergency financial assistance. And it's the empowering moment when a person with developmental disabilities embraces life to the fullest.


It's the uplifting moment a young person is filled with Jeiwsh pride. It’s the empowering moment when a university student raises their voice to advocate against Jew-hatred. And it’s the peaceful moment a family securely enters a Jewish institution knowing they are safe to express their identities.


It’s the joyful moment when Jewish newcomers find belonging in our welcoming community; it’s the inspiring moment a child says their first Hebrew word; it’s the celebratory moment Ottawa Jews raise their voices together at a meaningful community event.

These are the moments that keep our community going, that connect us to tradition, and that inspire the next generation. 

We are there the moment a child enters Jewish pre-school and the moment they learn their first Hebrew song.  

We are there, on a university campus, the moment a young person is confronted by antisemitism.

We are there the moment a homebound senior receives a warm smile and a hot kosher meal. 

We are there because of YOUR SUPPORT. 


It is the annual contributions of generous donors that enable us to be there,
supporting Jewish life in countless moments. 


Your support is VITAL.   

Will you help join us in creating moments
that last a lifetime? 



Annual Campaign 2024

The 2024 Annual Campaign efforts are being led
by Co-chairs 
Gary Viner and Evelyn Silverman

Invest in the Jewish Federation of Ottawa and witness the profound impact on our community. No other organization matches our ability to conquer the greatest challenges facing the Jewish people, both near and far. 

Expansive Reach: Through the Federated system of North America, we tap into the collective power of local, national, and global Jewish communities and can channel resources and amplify efforts for real change. Together, we become an unstoppable force ready to tackle any obstacle. 

Comprehensive Strategy: Our proactive approach considers the full spectrum of issues affecting the Jewish people. Support the Annual Campaign and become an integral part of fortifying our community and Jewish identity against any challenge. 

Rapid Response: In times of need, Federation responds swiftly and decisively. Your contribution to the Annual Campaign provides essential resources for immediate aid and support.  

Embrace the unparalleled power of the Annual Campaign, knowing your investment creates a stronger, vibrant Jewish community.  

Thank you for helping us
create moments that last a lifetime.



For questions about the Campaign, please contact Micah Garten at 613-798-4696, ext. 270, or