Getting to know your Federation Board of Directors

Name: Harold Feder

Profession: Lawyer (Partner at Brazeau Seller Law)

I was born and raised in Montreal and proud to be a first-generation Canadian. Both of my parents are Holocaust survivors born in Europe during the war. 
My Family moved to Toronto in the late ‘70s and I spent my high school, university and law school years there. I moved to Ottawa in the late ‘80s at the start of my legal career. From the outset I was immersed in the Jewish community through sports and volunteering and am grateful for all the connections and rewarding experiences.
My daughter Talia is a successful young lawyer in Toronto. I am living in Kanata with my spouse, Nancy Walkington, two stepchildren, Emma and Carter, two dogs and two cats. Life is busy and never dull.
I am an avid sports and music fan. In particular, I like to explore the world of alternative/indie music and the early roots of those genres. I also must confess to being afflicted with the Peter Pan Syndrome when it comes to music. I continue to resist listening to anything meant for grown-ups.  


How long have you been on the board? 

Five years 

Why did you join the board? 

Having served as Chair of the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation, along with other volunteer positions within the Jewish community, I wanted the opportunity to view the community through the unique lens of Federation and use  its reach to  allow me to contribute in the most meaningful way possible. 

My area of strategic community concern: Increasing fundraising / and strategic fundraising

My goals are:

To work on continued evolution of the principles of the Collaborative Fundraising Model and Centre for Jewish Philanthropy whereby Federation together with Foundation are seen as the hub linking interested donors with community needs.


My favourite aspect of the Ottawa Jewish community:

For a small community it offers a wide breadth of Jewish experiences. There really is something for everyone if you want it. 

Harold Feder